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Industrial Cranes

JIB Cranes

Presenting the technologically advanced variants of Jib Cranes, this one is designed to lift and transport your materials in full circles (360 degrees) or semi circles (200 degrees) on its support structure. Available models are considered perfect to be used to hand off several types of materials to the adjacent workstations. To have better performance, you can install manipulators, hoists, or balancers on the booms of the jibs.

To make the range capable of dealing with the obstacles like columns, the offered articulating jib cranes are designed with two axes sets. The company is proudly delivering a gamut which quickly fold out of the way of large overhead model cranes.


  • Maximize space utilization: Here we are offering a series of range which is ceiling or wall-mounted, hence do not occupy any floor space. Our cranes are available in the models that features unrivalled clearance, both under and above the boom.
  • To mount the cranes, on some designs, users can use overhead beams and buildings existing columns
  • All the available models are perfect to be used in outdoors due to their weather withstanding ability
  • You can avail range in various capacities which varies from 100 pounds to 30,000 pounds and in hundreds of pre-engineered models.
Jib Cranes Are Available in Following Stands:
  • Free-standing
  • Wall-mounted
  • Mast-style
  • Workstations
  • Articulating
  • Wall-traveling
  • Retrofit jib drives

How To Buy The Right Jib Cranes

Underboom height: While buying a jib crane, height is something which you must check. One which has accurate distance from floor, hoist size and lifting height is the one you should invest on.

Overall jib crane height: Your crane will be considered a smart investment when brought after ensuring that it has that height which makes it free from overhead obstructions.

Power requirements: Analyze your all the power requirements related to the crane before buying it. Your cranes' power requirement will be analyzed on the grounds of its trolley, motor drive, hoist, electric consumption and indoor or outdoor usage.

Area of rotation: Mast style & freestanding model of jib cranes offer 360-degree rotation, whereas the available wall-mounted cranes can rotate upto 200-degree.

Working span required: Cranes' working (or hook) distance is calculated on the basis of its approximate boom's length. The ideal one must have less than trolley length at its every end.
Installation: With support of our engineering staff, we well review your site and application requirements, then giving the best recommendations, we install cranes at customers' site. 

Under slung cranes
Under Slung Cranes that are also known as under running cranes are extensively famous in the market for being roof structure supported construction and attribute of performing on the runway girders' bottom flange. For meeting diverse application requirements, these are engineered and offered in varied capacities up to 10 tons (We can do customization of the cranes on configurations up to 25 tons and over 90 ft spans).

These under hung cranes are extensively praised in the market for their close headroom, excellent side approaches and ability to support on runways hung from existing building.

Advantages of Under Running Crane:

  • Small trolley approach dimensions, which allow high use of the building's height & width
  • Giving possibility of using the existing ceiling girder to make the track of the crane more secure

Limitations of Under Running Cranes
Roof Load- The cranes are criticized as the load they give to the roof is tremendously high than that imposed on the top of a running crane
Hook Height- Under running cranes' hook is at low height because of the location of the runway beams

These crane require careful handling of the beams of the lower flange loading as otherwise it can flange off the beam

Overhead Cranes
Overhead Cranes that are also known as Bridge Cranes are the kind of durable material handling equipment that find their usage in rolling mills, steel furnaces, power plants, paper mills, pipe mills, sugar mills, cement and heavy engineering industries. The cranes are known for giving superior performance due to having support of their two or more legs on fixed rails or other runway.

Features of Overhead Cranes
Ergonomics- These are said to be ergonomics due to their heavy lifting ability and ability to reduce the strain of operators.
Lower maintenance costs- As compared to other lifting equipment, these cranes require low maintenance due to being technologically advanced and available in several capacity ratings & usage

Load control- The available models of cranes give better view and load bearing strength to the user due to their independent travelling push button and radio remote controls functions.

EOT Cranes

EOT (Electric Overhead Travel) Cranes
CMK Electro Power Pvt Ltd is the leader of EOT cranes manufacturing business in India. Our gamut of heavy duty EOT crane systems includes underslung, double girder and single girder cranes of several capacities of upto 500 tons. Besides standard models of EOT (Electric Overhead Travel) cranes, the professionals at the company can recommend customized solutions that perfectly suit the applications, factory, production facility, and material handling requirements.

Application Areas

The available cranes are designed to fit into several application areas such as:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Power
  • Nuclear
  • Heavy/general engineering
  • Steel plant


  • This dimensionally accurate crane is easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • It comes with minimal dead weight and ensures maximal rigidity.
  • The EOT crane is produced in compliance with ISO 9001.
  • On buyer's request, the company can provide assistance with the installations, training for operations and maintenance.
  • Inspection and after sales services are complimentary services.
  • Flat helical or spur gear unit in light-weight alloy housings, along with case-hardened output gears.
  • Surface treatment and lubrication with permanent oil or grease.
  • The modular design of this crane allows it to be used in many operating areas.
  • The system comes with fuse less circuitry, ducted wiring as well as terminals that are non-screwed.
  • There is motor overload protection equipped with each drive group.
  • It ensures safety in hoisting and traveling
  • Higher efficiency saves power
  • Micro speed for each and every motion with the help of inverter drives together with suitable interlocking.
  • Hoisting mechanism with close loop circuit and encoder feedback to detect fault.
  • Limit switches protect all motions and prevent over hoisting & over lowering of hook.
  • Hand railing on platform for safe and reliable maintenance of the EOT crane, either extended partially or completely along the girder width.

HOT Cranes

CMK Electro HOT Cranes are designed to be easily and safely installed and operate in factories, workshops and warehouses. The buyers can avail these Hand Operated Traveling Cranes in either standard specifications or customized specifications. The professionals have the skills and knowledge to fabricate the equipment as per the drawings given by the buyer.

The tailor-made crane  is designed to be easily fit into the dimensions of specific building or area. This kind of crane is used for safe and efficient shifting and lifting of different material. The HOT cranes are developed in different sizes, capacities and technical specifications. The standard specifications of this cranne are:

  • 0.5 tons onwards capacity
  • 5 meter to 40 meter span
  • 0.5 meter to 80 meter lift
This crane is mainly divided into four classes, according to its work requirements- Class I, Class II, Class III and Class IV.

Features and Specifications :

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Fixing arrangements :  Individual fitting is fixed to available space. The hooks can be fixed at highest position and all because of precise dimensions.
  • Crane Girder : Heavy duty profile for crane girder construction.
  • Customization : The crane can be developed to easily fix in the building dimensions of client.
  • It is ideal for operation in small spaces
  • In areas with unfavorable dimensions, HOT crane can be used.
  • Trouble-free operation and superior performance
  • Easy access in any direction and long functional life
Advantages :
  • Easy assembling, high efficiency, long operating life and cost efficient.
  • The parts are repairable and replaceable.
  • Box type bridge girders for easy movement.
  • Girders and end carriages are joined in tapered plate design.
  • The crane is assembled with minimum parts.
  • It requires frequent but low maintenance.
  • Limit gauge is used to check machined components.
  • Safely and reliably handle the loads.

Gantry Cranes
Also called portal crane or Goliath crane, gantry crane is used for applications in industries, such as construction, material handling, shipping, power, water gate handling and others. Two design options are available- single girder or double girder to meet the capacity and application requirements of clients. This crane can also be developed in custom specifications.


  • This crane is designed in-house complying with ISO 9001 (Quality).
  • This kind of crane is easy to install in any establishment.
  • Not only installation is easy, but operation and maintenance.
  • The company along with this crane, provides installation assistance, training, inspection and after sales services.
  • It has light housing containing flat helical or spur gear units.
  • It has hardened gears, surface treatment and lubrication with grease or oil.
  • The system has fuse less circuitry.
  • Motor overload protection with each drive group.
  • Dependable hoisting and traveling
  • Improved hoisting mechanism with close loop circuit and encoder feedback.
  • Limit switches are incorporated.
  • Adequate access ladders

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